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  • Owner/Operator with Full Sized Professional Steadicam

  • Certified Steadicam Operator – Tiffen Gold Workshop instructed by Garrett Brown.

  • Member of IATSE Local 600: International Cinematographers Guild

Michael is passionate about creating beautiful visuals that tell a story.  The ability to compose a frame and create a piece of art is so powerful.    With focus and dedication Michael is continuously pushing himself to become a stronger cinematographer and camera operator so that he can deliver visuals that leave a profound impression on audiences.    The ability to translate the way you see a world to a larger audience is incredibly exciting.

Steadicam is a unique filmmaking tool that has changed the way movies, television, and all visual content are made.  The moving camera is a very powerful filmmaking technique.    The visual feeling, emotion, and personality of the Steadicam are what have made it such a distinctive tool for filmmakers.  Michael has always been captivated by the way the Steadicam helps a filmmaker tell a story.   He believes that the strongest Steadicam shots are the ones that are completely grounded and motivated by the story.     

    Michael fell in love with Steadicam from the first time he put on the vest and made the rig take flight.   The ability to move the camera using one’s own body and to perform a dance within the blocking of a scene or live performance was invigorating.   The quest to perfect the technique, craft, and skill of Steadicam from that moment presented a personal challenge that will take a lifetime to master.  This is a journey and within that journey Michael enjoys lending his craft to projects and delivering visuals that build and strengthen the visual story.

    Michael loves the filmmaking process.  He loves meeting and working with new people, traveling to new places, and having new experiences.  All of these things help one grow as a filmmaker.    Michael enjoys collaborating and diving into the creative process.    Every opportunity to discuss a scene with a director, design a shot with a cinematographer, and work with a crew to make a script come to life is special.


    Michael DeRario is a Steadicam Owner/Operator and Camera Operator based in New York who has worked on a wide range of projects including features, television (both live and episodic), short films, music videos, commercials and live performance.  His passion for storytelling drives every frame that he composes.    The unique ability of the Steadicam as a cinematic tool is what captivated Michael and inspired him to dedicate his craft to the art of Steadicam.

    As a member of the International Cinematographers Guild, Michael has worked with many veteran operators who he has learned from and adopted the knowledge and techniques passed onto him.   As a camera assistant Michael worked with many top filmmakers including Steven Spielberg, Roger Deakins, Steven Soderbergh, Wally Pfister, and many other notable filmmakers.   This invaluable collection of experiences laid the foundation for his operating and ability to meet the standards of the industry’s top filmmakers.

    Michael is a member of the Steadicam Operators Association (SOA).   He trained at the Tiffen Gold Classic Workshop in Lake Arrowhead, CA in 2009 where he learned under the guidance of the inventor of the Steadicam, Garrett Brown.   Since then he has worked on a vast array of projects building both his technique and portfolio over the years.

    From the first time Michael put on the Steadicam, he knew he was meant to do this.    The feeling of the camera flying and the visuals that it delivered brought his mind’s eye to the screen.     Suddenly the visuals that he had imagined, he could now be in control of.    As an operator, Michael loves making ideas take flight into captivating visuals and storytelling.   He looks forward to working with directors, cinematographers, and fellow filmmakers to make their ideas come to life.


    Want to work together?

    Michael looks forward to new projects. If you are looking for a camera and/or Steadicam operator please contact.